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3D Epoxy Flooring

Low cost 3D Epoxy Flooring Services

3D technology developers hardly imagine how varied and interesting their ideas are for the future. Today polymer screeds do in shopping malls, large halls, office buildings, apartments; many do flood floors with their own hands. This is explained not only external beauty of the floor, but also its performance.

Environmentally friendly. Its structure resembles a decorative stone floor. Therefore, no caustic odors or fumes from the cover, there can be.

High strength and longevity. When installed correctly, the floor filler retain their properties for a long time. Color, gloss and smooth surface will not disappear over time and do not fade. A studs of shoes, heavy furniture and dirt will not compromise the integrity and appearance of 3D floors.

We use Crystal Clear Polyurethane Epoxy based polymer adduct of gloss and adhesion improver are suitable for 3D floorings can apply on concrete, Stone, wood and ceramics and laminated sheets specially developed coating are the transparent and colored application.

For On and for 3D Floor coat, and 3D plus floor coat , Jewellery Meena, Gift articles, God idols, Key chain, wood, Marble, natural stone, concrete, ceramics, glass, ornamental metal, Appliances, Machineries, wall, Electric & electronics instruments, LED Encapsulating, Paver block and Tiles, Table top, Specially formulated for Inlay in stone and wood, etc.