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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is 100% natural wood. Machined, cut and sanded, solid wood comes in a range of sizes. Colours range from light oak to contrasting dark walnut. Our solid hardwood options offer an elegant, luxurious appearance and will add character to any room within the home. We have a choice of finishes available including lacquered, brushed and oiled, oiled and unfinished flooring available in variety of widths and thicknesses.

Prefinished solid wood flooring already has protective layers of lacquer or oil added to the surface during the manufacturing process. Once installation is complete the flooring is ready to walk on within a few hours. Alternatively, unfinished solid wood flooring requires finishing with an oil or lacquer once installed. Choosing an unfinished floor allows you to create a truly unique floor by selecting your own colour stain and finish.

Benefits of solid wood flooring

  • Easy to clean. Solid wood flooring is much easier to clean than carpet and is more resistant to spills and stains.
  • Longer lasting. While carpet must be frequently replaced, solid wood flooring is designed to last a lifetime.
  • More flexible. With many options for coloration and design, solid wood flooring will complement any décor.
  • Improved air quality. Solid wood flooring offers no hiding places for allergens, dander, pollen and other matter that can reduce air quality and plague allergy sufferers.
  • Better acoustics. Solid wood flooring makes for a more acoustically pleasing space.
  • Cost-effectiveness. While installing solid wood flooring may initially cost more than carpet, wood floors last much longer and are a more cost-effective alternative over time.