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Education Flooring

We provide a complete vinyl flooring solution adapted to the education market

Education Flooring

Classrooms, where students spend most of their time at school, are key to intellectual development. Because color, light, and acoustics all impact the learning process.

whether it is a college lobby design, classroom flooring, the student center, private school or daycare, will make a lasting impression. Students learn more from their lessons and instructors when they are surrounded by functional and beautiful designs that inspire. The world around us inspires our designs and we hope that the spaces we design inspire those who live, work, and learn in them.

Flooring to meet hygienic and anti-allergen needs

Number of educational institutions now need to provide hygienic and anti-allergen environments for their students such as in halls or residence. Design flooring is an ideal choice because unlike many carpet and floorcoverings, it won't harbor dirt or dust mites. It is also easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain, with a simple cleaning regime using 100% biodegradable surfactants.