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Waterproofing & Specialty coatings

Our company is equipped to address all of your waterproofing and specialty concrete coating requirement

One of our specialties at IndigoIn company is waterproofing and specialty coatings. with more than 25 years of experience, if you have a waterproofing need, we can fix it. Our services range from applying membranes under tile and concrete, elastomeric membranes on concrete and stucco, drainage membranes under tile and slate roofs, to deck and plaza coatings. we have varied experience to solve any problem your home or building might be facing - and to ensure it never leaks again.

We offers a full range of systems that protect against water intrusion - application of exterior elastomeric wall coatings, below-grade membrane coatings and related protective materials, urethane foam and gel grout injection, and concrete-penetrating, negative side water barrier coatings.

Often these systems will be combined with polyurea, other deck or floor coatings and caulking/sealant work to provide a complete protection package, creating a full barrier against water infiltration into occupied spaces and mechanical rooms.

Our Waterproofing services include