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Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi layer type of flooring that is great to use in a variety of different settings.

Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer flooring product with a printed top layer providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and low maintenance cost. The multi-layer construction of several of our heterogeneous vinyl products allows us to engineer superior acoustic, ergonomic, and safety properties into the floor and eliminates the need for an underlayment. Heterogeneous flooring also offers low maintenance cost, making it a primary choice of homeowners, schools, health care facilities, etc.

Vinyl heterogeneous flooring also provides excellent acoustic performance and unique sound reduction properties because it can be applied from wall to wall. In wet areas, like sinks, showers, swimming pools, splash areas, etc, the vinyl flooring offers comfort when walking also a firm grip.

Vinyl heterogeneous flooring is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. It can be easily installed even if without any skills, but for more luxurious and complex forms, professional services is more recommended. Vinyl floor covering is designed and produced by many manufacturers available in hundreds of colours, patterns and designs for you to choose from.