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Healthcare & Hospital Flooring

We provide flooring service for hospitals, clinics & nursing homes.

Hospital Flooring

The healthcare industry offers a unique set of challenges in the flooring world. With numerous areas to accommodate within each facility, it’s important to know all you can about your hospital flooring options. You will need to consider a number of factors when choosing healthcare flooring: what areas in the hospital need flooring, what type of flooring is best suited for that area, longevity of a product, durability, and what is required comfort-wise underfoot, Aesthetics, point load and rolling load requirements, cleanability and cost are also critical components in your hospital flooring choice. It’s important to take everything into account to make the right decision.

We recognize that the healthcare sector encompasses a spectrum of facilities, from the local pharmacy to A&E in a state-of-the-art hospital. The standard of flooring in these establishments therefore depends on the purpose. However, we ensure that all healthcare flooring that we install meets a high standard of safety and hygiene. Additionally, we provide bright designs that can divide rooms from waiting room and reception area but also cultivate a confidence and sense of safety in staff and patients alike

Why choose vinyl flooring for my healthcare facility?

Healthcare vinyl flooring is the first choice for many hospital and other facilities.

Easy to clean

Healthcare vinyl flooring is easy to clean because of it’s flat with no crevices as it is normally one sheet. With no special maintenance considerations, only a hoover and a mope are required for cleaning.

Slip Resistant

Our healthcare vinyl flooring is designed to remain slip resistant when wet. This is vital when there are sick people in your facility to keep them safe.


The flooring will not allergens or dust mites which is vital in a healthcare facility reducing any chance of infection and maintaining hygiene standards

Hospital Flooring

Hospitality Flooring

Our esteemed hospital vinyl flooring/ laboratories vinyl flooring and clinics vinyl flooring has everything that fulfils all the requirements for the hospitals/ laboratories, and clinics.

We feel pride that our experts and well-versed manufacturers have designed tremendous patterns and designs of hospital vinyl flooring that easily gets match with the overall theme of hospitals.

We are offering a gamut range of Hospital Flooring Service to our clients. Installation and Reinstallation Services also provided.

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Benefits of laboratory vinyl floorings

As a leading healthcare flooring provider, we offer both hygienic and practical solutions for the healing environment. Our hospital vinyl flooring has the following features;

Antimicrobial – The unique hygiene properties of hospital vinyl flooring make it an ideal choice for hospitals to maintain the high levels of sanitization required.

Anti-slip – As hospitals are exposed to heavy traffic 24 hours a day, hospital vinyl flooring can be a daunting challenge in terms of design and functionality. However, our clinic vinyl flooring has long proven to be up to the task. Laboratory vinyl flooring is durable and strong, safe and shock absorbent and comfortable to walk on.

Stainless – Clinic vinyl flooring protects its surface from scratches and stains as well.

Low Maintenance – It provides enhanced protection with an easier polish-free maintenance regime, causing overall maintenance cost savings. It comes with sealed impermeable surface that can be cleaned daily with environmentally sound cleaning products.

Eco friendly – contributes towards environmental responsibility

Clinic vinyl flooring is anti-static, it protects the sensitive hospital equipment from electro-static shocks and reduces noise while providing good acoustics